The Unyielding Spirit: Baby Elephant, Surviving Bullets, Continues to Thrive

Enduring challenges beyond its years, Lugard, the young African elephant, has become a beacon of unyielding spirit.

The numerous trials this three-year-old has weathered could crumble any creature, yet Lugard remains spirited and undeterred.

Despite the limp from his traumatic past, which left its physical marks, Lugard continues to radiate strength and resilience.


His current residence at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Nairobi Nursery in Kenya provides him with a nurturing environment.

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Here, alongside 17 other young elephants, he enjoys love and care from his dedicated caregivers.

Lugard’s journey to the nursery wasn’t easy. He was initially spotted by a DSWT Pilot in Tsavo East National Park during an anti-poaching patrol in March 2016. Upon rescue, it was evident he was in immense pain, his leg swollen and broken.


Investigations revealed the horrifying truth: Lugard had been shot in his knee and foot, the bullet piercing his leg and causing extensive damage.

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Despite his wounds, Lugard remains an incredibly gentle soul. Understanding his limitations, he often stays behind while his companions wander deep into the forest.

His caretakers are always present to ensure his safety, fostering a warm and secure environment.


Even though Lugard receives extensive care presently, his handlers remain optimistic. They envision a future where he will roam freely in the wilderness, a place designed for rehabilitating orphaned elephants back into their natural habitats.

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A caregiver shares, “Lugard may possess a gentle demeanor, but it’s coupled with an indomitable will to lead a fulfilling and joyful life.”

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