This guy seems to make friends with any animal he meets

Meet personally. Allan Dixon, a native of Ireland, has photographed kangaroos, quokkas, camels, sea lions and other animals worldwide. He was dubbed “Animal Whisperer”, a photographer and adventurer who mastered the art of taking selfies with exotic animals.

He started in 2015 and now has a sizable collection of fun and lighthearted photos that have captured the internet’s attention. But the ideal selfie isn’t all fun and play; as Allan told us, it can take “anything from five minutes to three hours from being with the animals”.

Let’s explore Allan’s magical world of the animal kingdom, where each selfie shows how much humans and animals really have in common. Sincere smiles, facial expressions, real joy and satisfaction… Don’t forget to show your affection for those you care about! Also, check out our previous post featuring muzzles and smiles from Allan’s selfie collection.

#1 Absolutely adorable! Quokka isn’t bad either. Quokkas are truly the happiest creatures in the world. We can all learn from them.

I’m so grateful that these Quokkas single-handedly changed the world in an emotional way. It helped Launch My Career, Made People Laugh And Now Indirectly Help The Welfare Of Other Animals.

#2 It’s smile time! Heads up for Hardcore Quokka Enthusiasts

Interesting facts about quokkas!! Quokkas store fat in their chubby tails as a means of survival when food supplies are low, and they can also live for months without water. They swallow their food whole, then vomit it up and eat it again!

#3 Lemurs always have such a confused look. They make me cry with laughter

I told the lemur he only got 10 likes on his last photo. Let’s cheer him on this time.

#4 This Marty is about 4 months old and is loving life! I hope he gets his permanent home soon!

He is also about to be adopted. Unfortunately, he lost the right to use his hind legs in a car accident.

Allan said that over the years, his projects had been more than just animal selfies.

“My selfies have been adopted by animals, helping to preserve and raise tens of thousands in donations. It means everything to me and has become my life. Purposeful stuff that gives you a feeling that you are making a difference.” He said.

Today, Allan gets messages from people saying they want to work with animals and conservation. “I tell them, anyone can do it, reach out and ask for your help. Even if you can inspire one person to make a change, you’re on the right track. ”

#5 Who Is The Cutest Dog? These dogs are very skilful but strangely cute!

Def. the one on the far right. Such a cute and adorable expression! In general, they are charming tho

#6 Hug a happy cloud

#7 The cows are adorable!!!!!!!!!

Holy calf! Topped Up On My Farm Repaired this week. Thanks for the adventures

#8 Jungle Book Life, Anti-Aging Exfoliation

An elephant cannot take a mud bath on its own without someone jumping in.

#9 Verified I think the goat likes you

#10 Show the World Your True Colors. Keas, An Alpine Parrot Loves The Mountains. Crazy cool birds!

This bird is shocking. When I saw the top, I thought it was a falcon. Then I saw it had the body of an owl!

#11 When Camels Eat More Photogenic Than You! Meet locals of visit. Dubai

Interesting facts about camels!! They have three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes. They have thick lips that help them feed on thorny plants that other animals cannot eat. They can completely cover their nose during sandstorms. Their humps allow them to store up to 80 pounds of fat that they can survive for weeks and even months! But when they found
the water, they can drink up to 40 gallons in one go. There are more than 160 camel words in Arabic alone!!

#12 Australia You’ve been great. Kangaroos have shown their

#13 It’s Never A Bad Hair Day Twinning!

They have the same hair!!!

#14 Unicorns exist

#15 Imagine if animals had the same rights as humans? This is probably what they will do

#16 Snow White And Her Seven Alpacas.

Thanks again to for the Winter Wonderland Experience. I love the adorable little alpaca faces. They all look as if they are smiling.

#17 I love you so much

Has anyone else fallen in love with this guy?!

#18 It was a crazy weekend party, wasn’t it?

When you feel wasted the night before, you’ll never know what will happen in your bed the next morning.

#19 This Little Goat Called Nigel Was Saved As Its Mother Was Hit By A Car. He Now Hangs Out In The Reception, Making Visitors Smile At The Kiwi

Birdlife Park In Queenstown

#20 OMG They are both so cute

Relationships Are Like Holding A Hedgehog. The Roller Coaster Of Love

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