Video the heart-warming moment a baby elephant was rescued from a 30ft-deep well then chasing back villagers

This is a heartwarming moment when a baby elephant is rescued from a 30-foot deep well by a group of people in India.

The one-year-old calf later chased rescuers in a state of fear, prompting panic among Ramakuppan village residents in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

The baby elephant fell into a dry well in the dark when he passed through a village at night with his herd of 25 elephants.

The baby elephant fell down the dry well in the dark while walking through the village at night time, alongside its herd of 25
Local villagers gathered around to support the Forest Department officials and an excavator was used to dig a slope for the calf

According to reports, the panicked calf was heard calling for its mother by locals who raised the alarm.

Forestry Department officials must redirect the herd before the rescue operation can take place.

The baby elephant was circling the bottom of the well with a miserable look and pounced on the wall.

Local villagers then gathered around to assist Forestry Department officials, and an excavator was used to dig a slope for the calf.

The baby elephant climbed the makeup path and safely reached the top.

The baby elephant climbed up the make-shift path and reached the top of the well safely

The villagers can be heard responding to the successful rescue by cheering loud and whistling.

However, they also retreat away from the oncoming calf to give it some space as it begins to roam freely atop.

Suddenly the sacred elephant started chasing the local inhabitants and created mild panic in the village.

The villagers backed away from the approaching calf so as to give it some room when it reached the top of the well
The frightened elephant chased some of the local residents and created momentary panic in the village

The elephant was believed to be uninjured and was later reunited with its herd.

Here is full of this moment:

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