Thrilling Encounter: Elephant Chases Tourist Jeep in Kenyan National Park

A thrilling encounter unfolded in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, as a massive elephant pursued a tourist jeep.

On June 1, Samuel Kymani and a friend were taking in the national park sights, driving around to observe various wildlife species during their three-day tour.

As they ventured through the park, they suddenly noticed an elephant approaching from their right.

Watch the video at the end.

Source: Caters News

The majestic creature, clearly aware of the jeep’s presence, began making its way across the savannah in their direction.

Sensing the potential threat, Samuel and his friend quickly accelerated, prompting the irritated elephant to give chase for a short distance.

Fortunately, the duo managed to evade the agitated animal without any harm. Samuel recalled, “Luckily, we escaped unharmed,” as they continued their exciting journey through Amboseli National Park.

Watch the video below: