Timmy’s Daring Mud Rescue: A Remarkable Effort to Save a Beloved Elephant

Tim, an adored elephant in Kenya known for his knack for getting into challenging situations, recently faced a harrowing ordeal when he became mired knee-deep in the mud of the Kimana swamp.

However, the dedicated team at Big Life swiftly launched a heroic mission to extricate Tim from his predicament and ensure his safety.

When Tim, a mature bull elephant, found himself trapped in the mud, the quick response from the Big Life teams led to a call for assistance from the DSWT/KWS Mobile Veterinary Units.


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Nairobi immediately sprang into action, fashioning extra-long straps from their robust webbed materials, expedited to the site by chartered plane.

But Tim, distressed and agitated by the presence of humans, struggled to comprehend their benevolent intentions.

After several unsuccessful attempts to free himself, Tim grew exhausted and began to have trouble breathing due to the weight of the earth pressing down on him amidst the day’s scorching heat.


The fate of this magnificent creature now rested in the hands of his human rescuers, who displayed remarkable ingenuity in devising solutions to this complex challenge.

To enhance Tim’s buoyancy, they ingeniously created an opening in an agricultural furrow nearby, redirecting flowing water to moisten the area.

They also managed to slip straps beneath Tim’s head, a crucial step in freeing him.


With unwavering perseverance, Big Life and DSWT Land cruisers, assisted by a KWS tractor, joined forces to pull Tim from the treacherous mud successfully.


After hours of entrapment, Tim the elephant was freed, thanks to his human rescuers’ remarkable resourcefulness and dedication.

Big Life Rangers vigilantly monitored Tim throughout the ordeal, ensuring his well-being.


The DSWT/KWS Amboseli Mobile Veterinary Unit conducted a follow-up examination the next day and found Tim in good health despite needing treatment for spear injuries he had sustained.

Tim’s adventurous spirit is complemented by a devoted team of guardians working tirelessly to safeguard his welfare.

This remarkable rescue operation would not have been possible without the support of dedicated donors and the collaboration of organizations like Big Life, DSWT/KWS, Boskovic Air-charters, and East African Canvas.


The successful rescue of Tim, a beloved elephant with a penchant for misadventures, stands as a testament to the power of human determination and teamwork, bringing about a heartwarming and triumphant ending to a challenging episode.

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