Touching Encounter: Rescued Owl’s Heartfelt Hug for Her Savior

In a heartwarming scene, a grateful owl expresses deep appreciation for the man who saved her life.

GiGi, a majestic great horned owl, found herself at Mississippi’s Wild at Heart Rescue in late May, recovering from head trauma likely caused by a car accident.

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GiGi’s health was in dire straits because of a severe concussion, parasites, and a pneumonia-like condition called aspergillosis.

Image 587

Throughout her rehabilitation, her weight plummeted by a whole pound, a significant loss for a species that typically weigh between 2 to 5 pounds.

However, GiGi’s fate took a heartwarming turn when she crossed paths with a particular individual.

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Described by Missy Dubuisson, the founder of Wild at Heart, as one of their most critical cases, GiGi’s miraculous survival amazed everyone.

Douglas “Doug” Pojeky, nicknamed the “birds of prey whisperer” and the rescue’s president, played a pivotal role in her recovery.

Under Pojeky’s dedicated care, GiGi transformed from a fragile state to regaining her ability to perch and feed herself.

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The extraordinary bond between Pojeky and GiGi became evident in an unexpected display of affection.

Following Pojeky’s brief absence to visit his family in Michigan, GiGi’s response was nothing short of heartwarming upon his return.

She engaged in a series of endearing gestures as he examined her, from head bobbing to a gentle dance on his arm.

Image 590

What came next melted the hearts of everyone present: GiGi nestled her head on his shoulder and wrapped her wings around him in a genuine owl embrace.

This moving story showcases the incredible resilience of wildlife and the profound connections that can form between humans and animals.

To witness this heartwarming embrace firsthand, watch the touching video below.


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