Touching Rescue: Baby Elephant’s Dramatic Escape from Danger

In a heart-wrenching incident in Kenya on August 14th, a young elephant found herself trapped in a dangerous watering hole, struggling for survival.

Bruised and battered, this baby elephant’s determination to escape the bottomless pit was remarkable.

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Fortunately, her cry for help did not go unnoticed. The Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary’s conservation scouts acted swiftly, rescuing the stranded calf from her life-threatening situation.


The young elephant had been left alone and stranded, desperately waiting for her herd to return.

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Her reliance on her mother’s milk made it imperative for her to be reunited with her family.

However, as time passed, hope dwindled, and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) stepped in to ensure her well-being.


Rob Brandford, the executive director of DSWT (U.K.), stressed the importance of family for elephants and the urgency of reuniting young orphans with their herds.

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The stress and harsh conditions they endure can rapidly deteriorate their health, necessitating immediate intervention.

With heavy hearts, the decision was made to airlift the baby elephant, now alone without family, to DSWT’s orphaned elephant nursery, where she would receive the care she needed.


This young pachyderm would find solace and support among the other orphaned elephants and the dedicated keepers.

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She was aptly named Godoma after the valley where she was rescued, and though she cried through her first night, the presence of her newfound elephant companions and the affectionate care of her keepers eventually brought comfort and solace.

Over the years, DSWT has been on a mission to save orphaned elephants, often a result of conflicts or accidental falls into watering holes during their migrations.


The organization’s veterinarians have provided medical attention to numerous elephants injured during disputes over land and water resources, emphasizing the rising conflicts between humans and these majestic creatures due to diminishing habitats.

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