Tourists film the terrifying moment a lioness opens car door with her teeth

When driving around a safari park, tourists are always warned to stay in their cars – but few think the doors must be locked.

Holidaymakers found the hard way why it was imperative to lock all doors while visiting a safari park in South Africa and even attempted to capture their experience on camera.

Tourists Kaylene and Cindy were on vacation in South Africa to visit their parents when a terrifying big cat confronted them after it mastered the art of opening car doors with its teeth.

The two girls, whose parents were on a mission in South Africa, filmed special footage when the lioness appeared to stalk the car, then leaned against the door and carefully opened it.

The tourists were happily chatting and filming the proud lion basking in the sun as a curious lioness got up and walked towards the vehicle.

The cameraman can be heard saying “Dad, you’re going to the car, I think you’ll have to…” Before correcting herself and saying “she”.

The lioness sat with her pride, before getting up and walking out to the car leisurely

The guests could hear the snapshots and one sister asked the other, “Did you video him?”

As the lioness approached the door, her head visible from the window, Kaylene could hear the exclamation: ‘Holy cow, Cindy’.

Then, after appearing to look through the window, the lion leisurely bent down and opened the door.

As the girls in the car screamed, the door opened almost halfway before they managed to close it.

The big cat appeared to sniff around the car and look at the window with curiosity

Then, before the tourists realized what was happening, the lioness had almost completely opened the door

After the initial panic, there was laughter, and one sister said, “Oh my, I didn’t know they could do that.”

The other sister asked: ‘Is it locked? Are you sure? To which the other replied, “I hope so!”

As the girls recovered from the shock, their mother could hear behind them say, “Well, you’ll have a story to tell.”

The footage was originally uploaded a year ago by the girl’s brother Joshua Sutherland but went viral after it was posted to Reddit.

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