Tragedy Strikes Amboseli Park: Discovery of Two Elephant Carcasses Highlights Ongoing Poaching Threat

In a poignant development, the Amboseli Park Patrol Team encountered a distressing scene on the evening of 12/04/2018 – two elephant carcasses revealing the grim reality of poaching.

The first carcass, that of a male elephant, presented a haunting image—a skeletal frame covered in dry skin, a victim of both predators and the illicit ivory trade.

Despite thorough examinations, pinpointing the exact cause of death proved elusive.


Complicating matters was the estimated age of the carcass, over five days old, adding an additional layer of mystery to this somber discovery.

A hundred meters away, the second carcass submerged in water unraveled another tragic tableau.

The head, possibly dismembered by predators, lay at the water’s edge, while the ivory remained lodged in the skull.


The advanced stage of decomposition hampered efforts to determine the cause of death for this unfortunate creature.

Despite the challenging off-road conditions resulting from recent rains, the Amboseli Unit promptly mobilized for a comprehensive patrol.

Intensive monitoring, particularly near the dam—a vital water source for animals on the verge of entering or leaving the park—became imperative.


The security and operation teams were urged to stay vigilant, promptly reporting any additional carcasses or signs of ailing animals for intervention and disease prevention.


Facing this disheartening incident, the Amboseli Unit expressed gratitude for the support from various entities, including KWS, DSWT initiatives, and community conservancies.

Emphasizing the collaborative effort as crucial in combating the poaching crisis, the unit remains dedicated to ensuring the well-being of Amboseli’s majestic elephants.


Ongoing partnerships signify the commitment to achieving more for the conservation of these incredible creatures.

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