Tragic End: Brave Battle for Survival by Young Elephant in Thailand Ends in Heartbreak

A heart-wrenching incident unfolded on the outskirts of Thailand’s Kui Buri National Park, where a young Asian elephant, just five years old, lost its valiant struggle for survival after enduring a brutal attack.

This young elephant was found on May 29th with multiple gunshot wounds in its shoulder, waist, hip, and leg.

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Despite the efforts of medical professionals to save the animal, it tragically succumbed to its injuries.


The harrowing incident involved the elephant being shot at with a shotgun, resulting in at least five gunshot wounds.

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Additionally, two metal objects were found lodged in its body, one of which caused severe damage to its large intestine.

Medical experts desperately tried to revive the elephant by providing food and antibiotics through IV drips in the back of its ear.


A video captured the animal consuming palm fronds and green bananas while doctors monitored its progress.

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Sadly, despite their unwavering efforts, the elephant’s condition continued to deteriorate, leading to its collapse in pain.

Painkillers and antibiotics were administered, but the young elephant passed away two days after its discovery.


Further examinations revealed that the elephant had suffered from at least two metal objects lodged in its body, one of which caused the rupture of its large intestine. Parasitic worms had also infected its liver and stomach, leading to malnourishment.

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For 48 hours, medical professionals worked tirelessly to clean and dress the elephant’s wounds with gauze. They used a winch to lift the animal so it could feed.

To prevent any harm in the event of a fall, tires were placed around the elephant. Law enforcement officials and medical experts were present to ensure the animal’s safety.


A wound near the elephant’s tail, suspected to be caused by a bullet, was inspected by doctors. It remains uncertain how long the elephant had been injured and wandering before its discovery.

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The elephant was found outside the national park it typically roamed in, possibly venturing out in search of food.

The director of the national park, Pichai Watcharapongpaibul, mentioned that the wounded elephant was treated on-site but was unable to stand or move, ultimately leading to its demise.


An autopsy will be conducted to determine the caliber and origin of the bullets still lodged in the elephant’s body.

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Authorities suspect that the motive behind the shooting was retribution for crop damage, prompting an investigation to identify the perpetrator.

Authorities employed a metal detector to locate any bullets or pellets stuck in the animal’s body. They found a minimum of two pieces before the elephant’s unfortunate passing.


Investigations unveiled that the elephant not only suffered from gunshot wounds but was also severely infested with parasites and worms, which contributed to its severe malnourishment.

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In response to this tragic incident, an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the elephant’s injuries and subsequent death.

Authorities will seek information from locals regarding the elephant’s prior sightings or any potential conflicts that may have harmed the animal.


It’s essential to note that hunting wild elephants in Thailand has been strictly prohibited since 1992, with penalties including fines of up to £1,000 or imprisonment for four years for those found guilty of killing or hunting these endangered animals.

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Kui Buri National Park, spanning 374 square miles and bordering Myanmar, is home to approximately 320 Asian elephants living in the wild. It serves as a vital sanctuary for these majestic creatures.

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