Tragic End for Elephant Highlights Ongoing Human-Wildlife Conflicts

A recent incident in the wild brought attention to the ongoing challenges of human-wildlife conflicts and the pressing need for conservation efforts.

A veterinary team was swiftly dispatched to assess the situation, discovering a distressed elephant lying in a riverbed with a visible wound on its back.

Image 338

Given the elephant’s recumbent position and the wound’s location, immobilization was deemed unnecessary.


The dedicated veterinary team sprang into action, cleaning the wound, applying antimicrobials, and providing a protective layer of green clay.

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They also administered systemic antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate the animal’s suffering.

Despite their best efforts to assist the elephant in standing, they were unfortunately unsuccessful.


The elephant was left under observation overnight, and upon reexamination the following day, it was discovered that she had tragically passed away.

Image 340

A post-mortem examination revealed the heartbreaking cause of death: an arrow injury to the elephant’s back.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a poignant reminder of the persistent challenges posed by human-wildlife conflicts.


It underscores the urgent need for robust conservation efforts to safeguard these majestic creatures.

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