Tragic Fate Strikes Another Cub of Cecil the Lion’s Pride as Rival Male Claims Victim

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a second cub belonging to Cecil, the lion’s pride, is feared dead after park rangers discovered it missing in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Following the tragic killing of their father, Cecil, by American dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015, the young lions were taken under the care of their uncle, Jericho.

Image 175
Safe from harm: Cecil the lion’s adorable cubs are being cared for by their late father’s pride in Zimbabwe

This distressing news surfaces less than a month after reports circulated about the demise of one of Cecil’s eight cubs, which fell victim to a rival male named Bubesi, determined to seize control of the pride.


The experts’ prognosis for the pride’s survival is a mere five percent, given the imminent threat of a rival male taking over and eliminating all the cubs.

Image 177
Adorable: New images from African Bush Camps show the cubs snoozing and cautiously peering into a camera

Efforts have been made to enhance the cubs’ security, with researchers from Oxford University equipping one of the lionesses with a tracking collar identical to the one worn by Cecil.

These collars will enable rangers to monitor the movements and well-being of these majestic creatures.


Recently, heartwarming images captured by African Bush Camps showcased the cubs peacefully sleeping and curiously peering into the camera.

Image 176
Sleeping soundly: The infant lions have been adopted by their new pride leader, under the watchful eye of their uncle Jericho

These young ones were left without a father when Walter Palmer killed Cecil, callously decapitating him for a trophy, which sparked widespread international outrage.

Palmer, identified as the zealous American bow hunter responsible for slaughtering the renowned big cat, is believed to be in hiding.


In the aftermath of the incident, he was compelled to close his dental practice in Minneapolis and has been incurring substantial expenses on armed security and covert CCTV surveillance due to the deluge of death threats he received.

Image 178
The trio were left fatherless when US dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil the lion, sparking global outrage

While Palmer’s primary residence in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has remained under close police monitoring without any significant damage, his vacation home in upscale Marco Island, Florida, was recently targeted.

Vandals defaced his garage door with the words “lion killer” and left pigs’ feet strewn across his driveway.


Zimbabwean officials have called for Palmer’s extradition to face trial for the shooting of Cecil. In response, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has filed a complaint, asserting that Palmer has brought disrepute to Minnesota’s dental profession and should revoke his license.

Image 179
The cubs were left without a father after Cecil (pictured) was killed by US dentist Walter Palmer

Despite the efforts to protect and preserve the legacy of Cecil’s pride, these tragic events highlight the ongoing challenges these magnificent creatures face in their natural habitat.

Image 180
Jericho the lion, who has been caring for the cubs of slain lion Cecil, was found to be alive and well despite rumours he had been killed by poachers

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