Two Senior Rescue Elephants Find a New Home

Witness the heartwarming journey of two senior elephants as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. Maesa Elephant Camp, one of Thailand’s prominent elephant rescue centers, has relocated these majestic creatures to another sanctuary.

For over four decades, Maesa Elephant Camp has provided a safe haven for unemployed elephants, who once roamed the Thai streets after the logging industry declined.

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The camp’s primary focus is creating a natural and nurturing environment where elephants can thrive physically and mentally.

However, elephants face a grave crisis globally, with their numbers declining drastically. The challenges of the rescue camp are highlighted in a video featuring the owner and managing director of Maesa Elephant Camp.

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She shares the reasons behind the relocation of two elephants from the premises. Thailand’s economy has been deeply affected by the closure of borders to most foreign visitors, resulting in a financial crisis, particularly in the tourism sector.


Mae Bum Roum, a 70-year-old elephant known for carrying tourists on her back, was successfully transferred to another sanctuary to alleviate the strain on limited resources. Alongside her, 46-year-old Chang Pet also found a new home at Lek Elephant Camp.

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This relocation aims to provide these majestic creatures a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

As we witness this uplifting journey, it reminds us of the importance of conservation efforts to safeguard the future of these magnificent creatures and preserve the delicate balance of our environment.


Watch the video below:

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