Unbearably Hilarious: Bear’s Luxurious Life Spotted in Ontario Dump

In a tale of unexpected extravagance, a black bear in Kingfisher Lake, Ontario, stumbled upon the lap of comfort amidst a landfill – a cozy mattress to recline on, showcasing that even wildlife seeks luxury.

The rugged wilderness of northern Ontario often hosts black bear sightings, and a garbage dump becomes a surprising oasis of leisure for these creatures.

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This particular bear, however, seemed more interested in relishing a leisurely moment than scavenging for food.


During a tranquil summer evening around 5 pm, Keira Mamakwa, while visiting the landfill 500 km north of Thunder Bay, witnessed the laid-back bear’s antics.

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The bear’s calm demeanor on the plush mattress caught her off-guard, exuding good vibes, as she recounted in a humorous Facebook post.

Despite being a mere 15 feet away, the bear’s unabashed relaxation prompted Keira to snap candid photographs. She noted, “Bears are hilarious around here,” capturing the scene’s essence.


Keira’s post swiftly garnered over 6,000 shares, a testament to the internet’s appreciation for the bear’s unusual escapade. Yet, the bear appeared less than thrilled by the sudden attention, casting annoyed glances in her direction as if miffed by the intrusion into his serene retreat.

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Amid the comments on the Facebook post, one wit amusingly remarked, “He’s like ‘Damn, is this memory foam?” – a playful jab at the bear’s unexpected comfort.

The incident sparked a thread of lighthearted banter, with suggestions like, “Wouldn’t she like that in her cave for hibernation!” and the timeless adage, “Someone’s trash is another one’s treasure.”


Black bears, the most prevalent species across North America, boast a varied habitat range encompassing forests, beaches, and alpine zones.

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However, their behavior, diet, denning practices, and life cycles can significantly differ depending on their location.

In Ontario, black bear sightings are pretty standard. The provincial website, ontario.ca, stresses that not every bear encounter is an emergency.


Instead, it outlines guidelines for when to contact authorities, with 911 being reserved for immediate threats to personal safety or instances of aggressive bear behavior.

In this whimsical encounter, a simple mattress transformed a mundane dump into a stage for nature’s comic relief, showcasing the lighter side of the majestic black bear’s life.

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