Uncover the Mesmerizing 800-Year-Old Cedar Tree: Nature’s Spectacle Beneath Mount Daimanji in Oki Islands

Located at the eastern base of Mt. Daimaji in the Oki Islands of Japan is an ancient cedar tree that is approximately 800 years old.

With a towering height of 30 meters and a circumference of 16 meters at its roots, this tree boasts branches that spread out in 15 different directions from the middle of its trunk.

One unique feature of this tree is the 24 giant stalactite-shaped roots that protrude about 10 meters above ground level, with the longest of these measuring 2.6 meters in length.


The local community calls this tree the “Chichi-sugi Tree” or the “Breast Tree” and conducts an annual sacred ceremony on April 23. The surrounding area remains cool even during summer, and there is a mystical atmosphere after rainfall.

The Chichi Sugi, also known as the Boob Cedar, is an ancient tree that has been standing tall for over 800 years on the slopes of Mount Daimanji in Dogo, the largest island among the Oki Islands.


The species known as Urusagi grows along the coast of Japan, where heavy snowfall causes the trees to produce stronger lateral branches. The rounded protrusions growing down from the branches, which are the source of its nickname “boob,” are thought to aid in absorbing moisture from the air.


The chilly breeze flowing through the gaps amidst the large rocks on the slope combines with the warm air emanating from the sea, leading to a misty atmosphere in the region.


Numerous sacred trees on the island are worth discovering.


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