Unexpected VIP Guest: Sri Lankan Luxury Hotel Welcomes a Wandering Elephant!

A wild elephant named Natta Kota surprised guests and staff alike as he leisurely strolled through the lobby of Jetwing Yala Hotel, a five-star resort in Sri Lanka, playfully knocking over the furniture with his trunk.

Natta Kota, known to the hotel staff, is a recurring sight on the hotel grounds, according to Upili, a Twitter user who posted a video of the amusing incident.

The tweet read, “My mom sent me a morning text about a wild elephant casually exploring a Sri Lankan hotel while curiously prodding objects with his trunk.”


The shared footage reveals Natta Kota, towering with his head brushing the ceiling, standing atop a flight of stairs before calmly descending and wandering through a lounge area.

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The elephant ambles toward a collection of lobby chairs before heading to another section of the high-end hotel.

A highlight of the clip shows the friendly giant waving his trunk in the air, displacing a light and causing it to tumble to the floor. He contemplates repeating the act with another lamp but ultimately decides against it and ambles away.


The date of the footage remains unknown. However, it has already captured the attention of millions, racking up over 2.5 million views and 153 likes.


Twitter was abuzz with reactions, some filled with humor and others expressing admiration for the gentle creature.

A tweet by Silveira humorously summed up the scene: “Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.” While Christina Murphy came to Natta Kota’s defense after his inadvertent mishap with the light, saying, “Aw, you know he felt bad about knocking that lamp over. It’s ok, Mr. Elephant; we know you didn’t mean to.”


In 2017, the hotel released CCTV footage showcasing Natta Kota visiting. Although this was his first time inside the hotel, he is known to roam the premises regularly, according to hotel management.

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Jetwing Yala Hotel took this opportunity to remind their guests that Natta Kota remains a wild animal. They urged guests to respect the animal’s space, refrain from feeding them, and avoid using flash photography.

Despite this, a Jetwing spokesperson admitted to TTG that Natta Kota’s tranquil demeanor has made him a delightful surprise for guests.

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