Unforgettable Encounter: Elephant Visits Wildlife Conservancy Lodge’s Pool

Imagine staying at a bush lodge in Botswana, surrounded by the beauty of an African wildlife conservancy, where animals roam freely. That’s exactly what a family experienced at the Elephant Sands Lodge, hoping for a glimpse of incredible creatures.

As they relaxed by the swimming pool one afternoon, the family heard rustling from nearby bushes, unsure what to expect.

It could have been a harmless impala, giraffe, or zebra, but there was also a chance of encountering more formidable animals like a jackal, leopard, or lion. Their unexpected visitor was one of the world’s gentle giants – an elephant!


In awe, the family watched as the massive elephant approached the pool, cautiously observing the people to ensure they posed no threat.

Video The Lodge At A Wildlife Conservancy Has A Pool Sometimes It Gets Visitors 1

Satisfied with their friendly presence, the elephant gently dipped its trunk into the water, scooping up some to drink. It’s worth noting that the lodge keeps the water clean and chlorine-free, considering that wildlife may also drink from it.

Contrary to popular belief, elephants do not use their trunks as giant straws. Instead, a thirsty elephant will suck water only partway up its trunk and then spray it into its mouth.


Typically, an elephant can consume as much as 50 gallons of water per day. Luckily, someone captured this extraordinary moment on their phone, and the video has been shared for everyone to see.

After satisfying its thirst, the elephant glanced at the people, seemingly expressing gratitude and apology for any potential disturbance caused.

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