Unforgettable Encounter: Elephants Quench Their Thirst at Hotel Pool

Wildlife enthusiast Alan Feldstein recently experienced a delightful surprise when a herd of elephants arrived to drink water from the pool just outside his hotel room in South Africa.

Despite being a seasoned wildlife expert and owning a safari expedition company for many years, the 63-year-old was left in awe by this unique encounter.

The spectacular event occurred at 6:30 a.m., as Alan woke up to see a large herd of elephants leisurely gathered around the pool.


As the elephants quenched their thirst, one of them raised its trunk in a gesture that appeared like a token of gratitude towards Alan.

He recounted the memorable moment: “I was fast asleep when suddenly I heard a buzzing sound.

I was awakened by a herd of about 12 to 15 elephants of all ages and sizes drinking from my plunge pool.”


Having visited Africa nearly 20 times, Alan had never witnessed such an incredible scene. He expressed his joy, overwhelmed with happiness and amazement: “It puts everything into perspective that we are all on this earth and have to live with wildlife.”

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