Unforgettable Encounter: The Elephant Whisperer and His Trusty Herd

Meet Darrick, an exceptional volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand who has forged a deep connection with these majestic creatures over the years. In this incredible bond, trust flows both ways.

Elephants, though remarkable, can be intimidating when a herd charges towards you. However, Darrick possesses a unique understanding of these gentle giants, thanks to his role at the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

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This sanctuary specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating elephants while extending its conservation efforts to other animals and natural habitats.

The visionary behind this park is Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, a remarkable woman whose tireless dedication to elephants has earned her international recognition.

Growing up in a village in the same region, Sangdeaun learned invaluable lessons from her traditional healer grandfather, who inspired her to care for sick and injured animals.


Darrick has become a cherished figure among the elephants within the Elephant Nature Park. Whenever he visits, the herd erupts with excitement, treating him as one of their own.

This response is unsurprising, given the highly social nature of elephants and their emotional intelligence, which rivals that of humans.

Darrick has diligently worked with the park’s elephants for years, helping them overcome trauma and thrive as healthy and content pachyderms.


The elephants have developed a deep affection for him, engaging in playful interactions, cuddling, and even enjoying belly rubs.

Among the elephants, Kham La stands out as Darrick’s biggest fan. In a video shared below, Darrick calls out Kham La’s name from the edge of a field. Suddenly, the air fills with elephant sounds, including their characteristic trumpeting.

Shortly after, Kham La and several other elephants come thundering toward Darrick, halting just in time to envelop him in affectionate trunk hugs.


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Watch the video below:

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