Unforgettable Moment: Elephant Visits Guest at Safari Lodge Looking for Water

Garth Kew, an amateur photographer, received the surprise of his life during his stay at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa when he found an elephant standing on his doorstep.


The majestic animal was looking for a drink of water and as the lodge is on the bank of a river, it is a popular watering place for the wildlife that wanders freely around the area.

Despite his initial terror, Kew was able to grab his camera and capture some incredible shots of the elephant as it explored the surroundings.


The Madikwe Game Reserve is known as a ‘Big 5’ reserve, meaning that it is home to lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos, all of which can be seen roaming the area.

Image 27
Garth Kew was terrified when he looked outside to see an elephant by the window. Source: Daily Mail
Image 28
The holidaymaker grabbed his camera and ventured outside to snap some pictures. Source: Daily Mail

While it is not uncommon for elephants to visit the lodge, it is always a special experience for guests. Kew even mentioned that he had heard of elephants drinking from the outdoor showers of the holiday home. He clarified that the elephant wasn’t lured or encouraged and that it was simply exploring the area and looking for a drink of water.

The magical encounter was a reminder of the incredible experiences that can be had when visiting African wildlife reserves. Guests at the Madikwe Game Reserve are often treated to similar experiences, making it a popular destination for safari lovers around the world.

Image 29
The elephant didn’t seem to pose a danger and was believed to be looking for water to drink. Source: Daily Mail
Image 30
Mr. Kew said the elephant seemed to just be having a nose around the camp. Source: Daily Mail

After the visit, the elephant wandered off back into the bush, leaving behind a truly unforgettable memory for Kew and a reminder of the incredible power and beauty of these majestic animals.