Uninvited Guest: Family Discovers Wild Bear Napping in Their Closet

A Missoula family recently experienced a surprising wake-up call when they discovered a black bear sleeping in their closet.

The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office reported receiving an early-morning call about the unexpected visitor.

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According to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office, the bear managed to enter the family’s home by opening the door to their mudroom and accidentally deadbolting it from inside. Unable to leave, the bear wreaked havoc on the room before napping in the closet.

When deputies arrived, they found the bear resting comfortably on a shelf. Despite their attempts to gently wake the bear by knocking on the window, the creature merely stretched, yawned, and appeared uninterested in departing.

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Deputies tried to coax the bear out by unlocking the door, but their efforts were met with indifference and more yawns.


With the bear showing no signs of leaving, deputies enlisted the help of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, who tranquilized the bear so it could be safely relocated. The bear’s nap was undoubtedly more protracted than anticipated, but it was for the best.

The homeowners expressed relief that the bear was removed in good health and shared a lighthearted comment on the situation, stating that the intruder was searching for the “bear necessities.”

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The sheriff’s office also took the opportunity to remind residents to lock their doors, jokingly suggesting that the bear was like Goldilocks trying out closets until finding the perfect one. The message was clear: keep your homes secure to avoid unexpected visitors like this one.


Watch the video below:

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