Unlikely Animal Friendship: Baby Elephant Forms Adorable Bond with Ostrich at African Reserve

In a heartwarming display of friendship, a sweet baby elephant named Jotto has formed an unexpected bond with an ostrich named Pea at an African reserve.

This unlikely duo has captured the attention of many with their adorable companionship.
Jotto initially arrived at the Kenyan reserve while sick and needed care.

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Shortly after, two ostriches named Pea and Pod joined the reserve, intending to be released once they regained their health. However, fate had other plans when Pea encountered Jotto.

The two animals instantly connected, and their friendship grew stronger by the day. Pea chose to stay by Jotto’s side, defying the original plans for release. Despite their stark differences in appearance and behavior, Jotto and Pea share an extraordinary bond.


Pea, the ostrich, now considers herself a part of Jotto’s elephant herd, and the two are inseparable. They often cuddle beside each other, showcasing their deep affection and understanding.


Their friendship is remarkable, as elephants are known for their immense size and strength, while ostriches are renowned for their speed and agility. Yet, Jotto and Pea have effortlessly bridged this gap and found comfort in each other’s presence.

Stories like these remind us of the beauty of unlikely friendships in the animal kingdom. It’s fascinating to witness such unique combinations and the genuine affection that can arise between different species.

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Who knows what other extraordinary animal friendships await us? Perhaps a shark and a jellyfish or an ant and an anteater? The possibilities are endless, but for now, let’s appreciate the heartwarming bond between Jotto and Pea.


Watch the video below:

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