Unlikely Friendship: Hunter Bonds with Wild Boar, Swears Off Hunting

In a heartwarming tale from the village of Avtovac, a hunter’s life took an unexpected turn when he befriended a wild boar, leading him to reconsider his hunting ways.

Slavko Milović, the man behind this unique connection, fulfilled his lifelong dream of taming a wild boar.

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He named the boar Tito, a fitting moniker for a creature who adores being the center of attention and receiving care.

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Milović admits that he prefers Tito over his companion, Jorgovanka, describing Tito as calm and loyal, akin to a faithful dog.

The bond between Milović and Tito began when Tito was just a restless little boar. They formed an unbreakable friendship through love and dedication, becoming inseparable over the years.

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Milović shared his sentiments: “My only wish was to tame a wild boar, and I succeeded. I have never seen a smarter animal in my life.”

Despite his daily farm chores, Milović finds joy in caring for Tito and Jorgovanka, who are a year younger.

He notes that having them around his house has a calming effect on them. Tito, in particular, follows him everywhere he goes.

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“Tito is a legend,” Milović boasts. “He roams the mountains and fields, always returning at my whistle. I wouldn’t part with him for all the money in the world. He even gets along splendidly with Jorgovanka.

They devour everything I offer them, with corn being their favorite. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, and even milk.”

Milović hints at the possibility of new additions to the family, suggesting that Jorgovanka might soon have offspring.


He playfully adds, “They spent the winter together, and it’s not impossible that we’ll have more little ones because Jorgovanka has a noticeable belly now. She has to listen to him; after all, he’s the elder.”

Despite Tito’s ability to roam far from home, Milović is not concerned that their friendship will fade. He even grants Tito the freedom to return to the wild if he ever desires it.

“I’ve brought every other animal home alive, except for the badger,” Milović notes. “And none of them ever ran away from me.


If Tito ever feels the call of the wild, he’s free to go. But I doubt he will because true friends stick together.”

This heartwarming story not only showcases an improbable friendship between a hunter and a wild boar but also serves as a reminder that connections can defy conventional boundaries, bringing joy and fulfillment to those who experience them.

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