Unprecedented Sight: Enormous Bear Spotted Admiring Sunrise on Upscale Hotel Veranda in New Hampshire

An awe-inspiring photograph of a massive black bear savoring the panoramic view from a luxurious hotel veranda in New Hampshire has recently taken the internet by storm.

The captivating image was captured by Sam Gessaman, a diligent employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire, in the early hours of June 29, around 5 am.

Watch the video at the end.


Sam recounted the extraordinary encounter: “While I was trailing behind the bear, attempting to guide it toward the nearest exit, the bear unexpectedly hopped onto the railing and relished the sunrise, just as I had intended to do myself.”

Although bear sightings are not uncommon in New Hampshire, this incident marks the first time a black bear has been spotted, reveling in the splendor of a sunrise.

Witnessing a bear using a luxury hotel’s veranda to indulge in nature’s wonders is a unique spectacle.


Meanwhile, authorities have observed a significant surge in bear incursions into human-inhabited areas since 2014.

These large animals, driven by their relentless search for food, have found their way into campgrounds, residential spaces, and even hotels.

Despite their seemingly gentle and amicable demeanor, authorities strongly advise maintaining a safe distance from bears and refraining from approaching these magnificent creatures under any circumstances.


Regrettably, the number of black bears euthanized due to human-bear conflicts has steadily increased yearly. Tragically, the wild animals alone suffer the consequences of these interactions.

Watch the video below:

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