Unruly Cub Tests Patience of Fierce Lion Dad in Captivating Family Portraits

In the captivating surroundings of Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve, a young lion cub dared to push the boundaries with its formidable father.

The remarkable photos captured by wildlife photographer Anup Shah reveal a series of intimate moments depicting lion family life.

Cheeky chap: Big trouble for this naughty little lion when it dares to get a little too close to dad and is rewarded with a menacing snarl

Rather than unleashing a thunderous roar, the king of the jungle responded to his mischievous offspring’s bouncy behavior with a fearsome snarl.


This expression could strike fear into the heart of any creature on the plains. The image showcases a human-like interaction, highlighting the intensity and dynamics within the lion pride.

New born: This little cub just wants some attention

Shah’s lens also captured tender moments within the lion family. One photo portrays a cub, less than two days old, crying out for its mother’s attention, while others show the young ones suckling.

The images further display the playfulness of boisterous brothers engaging in rough and tumble, with one cheeky cub even using an adult’s leg as a chew toy.


Despite their adventurous nature, these spirited youngsters need not fear, for their watchful mother is always there to intervene and protect them from danger or mischief.

Where is everybody? A tiny cub cries out when it realizes it has wandered off from its family

With utmost care, she scoops up her offspring by the scruff of their necks, ensuring their safety and guiding them away from potential harm.

These breathtaking images offer a glimpse into the complex dynamics and tender moments within the lion family, showcasing the extraordinary beauty and strength of these majestic creatures.

Mum to the rescue: Luckily mother lion is on hand to take the straying cub back to the pack

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