Unusual House Guest: Vulture Sneaks in and Takes a Stroll

Vernalisa Rougeux and her fiancé Jacob Tautry were surprised when they returned home from running an errand the other day. In bizarre events, they found a vulture perched on their couch!

Rougeaux’s initial concern was for their dog, Georgia, fearing that something terrible had happened to her. Thankfully, Georgia was just peacefully snoozing on the sofa.

Realizing the vulture might have entered through their pet door after spotting a teddy bear inside, Rougeaux came up with a clever plan.


In a moment of quick thinking, she grabbed an umbrella, hoping to guide the uninvited guest out gently. The couple, who live in North Fulton County – Roswell, decided that removing the pet door would be a wise step to prevent similar incidents in the future.

While it remains a peculiar and amusing incident, Rougeux and Tautry are relieved that their beloved pet is safe, and they can now share a laugh about the day a vulture took a stroll through their home.

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