Unveiling Scarlett Johansson on Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Black Widow’ Cover

Scarlett Johansson takes the spotlight on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, building anticipation for the release of Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” on May 1.

Scheduled for arrival on March 17, the latest issue of EW offers an exclusive peek behind the scenes, delving into the intricate narrative of Natasha Romanoff, particularly her period away from the Avengers following the events of Marvel Studio’s “Captain America: Civil War” and preceding “Avengers: Infinity War.”

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In an interview featured in the magazine, Scarlett Johansson shares her insights, stating, “I thought it was interesting to explore this part of her life before she rejoins the Avengers and makes that ultimate sacrifice. How does she become this full person from all these broken pieces?”


“Black Widow” promises to uncover the shadows lurking in Natasha Romanoff’s past as she confronts a dangerous conspiracy intertwined with her history.

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Pursued relentlessly, she must come to terms with her past as a spy and reconcile the fractured relationships she left behind long before she embraced the mantle of an Avenger.

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