Unveiling Scarlett Johansson’s Surprising Encounter with Avengers Fans

Avengers enthusiasts take note: Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow, isn’t just a superhero on screen; she’s a human with feelings.

In a recent revelation, the actress shared the most peculiar comment she receives from fans – about her height.

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“It’s short,” the 34-year-old star chuckled during an interview with Cosmopolitan UK. “You’re a lot shorter than I thought you were,” they’d say. Johansson finds it bewildering and rightly questions the appropriateness of such remarks.


Meanwhile, her co-star Paul Rudd, who portrays Ant-Man, divulged an equally bizarre encounter with fans. Hint: it involves an explicit theory about his character and Thanos.

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Additionally, the duo reminisced about their starstruck moments upon meeting fellow cast members for the first time. And Rudd graciously shared his secret to eternal youth – a nod to the Infinity Stones.

Are you curious about more details? Read on to uncover the surprising encounters and revelations from the Avengers stars.

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