Unveiling the Extraordinary: Rare Millennium Tree Reveals 400 ‘Golden Eggs’ in an Unforgettable Treasure Hunt!

In the past, there was a saying, “Thiên niên thiết thụ liễu hoa,” which translates to “A thousand years bear flowers.”

Many people likened millennium plants to the “thousand-year” species that only bloom after a millennium. However, these plants flower, and the millennium plant in Thanh Hoa bears fruit.

Mr. Thang, the owner of this unique and rare millennium plant, shared that he is a passionate collector of ornamental plants. While still in secondary school, he climbed Mount Muon, a tall limestone mountain in the village, several times to search for millennium plants, orchids, and euphorbias to cultivate.


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The millennium plant owned by Mr. Thang takes half a year to yield results, producing hundreds of shiny golden fruits resembling golden eggs. From a distance, it looks like a tray full of abundant fruit, adorned with small leaves surrounding the fruit clusters.

According to Mr. Thang, around 1990, after many days of climbing the treacherous limestone mountain with meandering paths, he was fortunate to discover three-millennium plants on a towering rock face hundreds of meters high in the Muon area.

Although the high rock face posed a danger, driven by his passion and desire for a beautiful millennium plant, he took the risk of using ropes to climb the rock face and dig up this millennium plant when he saw its exceptional beauty.

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This unique and rare millennium plant was cultivated by Mr. Thang on a plot of land next to his house. Around the millennium plant, Mr. Thang planted hundreds of ginseng trees, some of which are now ten years old.


After bringing the three plants back for cultivation, two died after more than a year, leaving only one-millennium plant currently bearing “golden eggs.” Mr. Thang recounted that he planted the millennium plant in a pot about ten years ago, but after noticing slow growth and signs of yellowing leaves, he had to transplant it to the ground next to his house.

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Many epiphytic plants cling to the tree trunk, giving it a venerable and mossy appearance.

Thriving in unfamiliar soil, the millennium plant quickly grew lush and tall. Mr. Thang mentioned that the millennium plant sheds its leaves once a year, and the number of leaf clusters increases yearly.


However, since he planted this millennium plant, this is only the third time it has flowered. This is the first time the millennium plant has produced such large, round, shiny golden fruits resembling beautiful “golden eggs.” Upon hearing the news, many locals from the region and neighboring villages have come to admire and marvel at the plant.

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As the millennium plant ages, its fruits become more golden, intriguing, and attract curious onlookers.

With a growing number of spectators, inquiries about purchasing the plant are also numerous. Mr. Thang revealed, “Some offered 20 million VND, some offered 30 million VND, but I won’t sell it because this millennium plant holds many memories for me.”


He shared that when the plant first sprouted, it resembled a yellow oval-shaped lump, similar to a thorny dragon fruit, looking like a beehive, and as it grew, it expanded into a round tray covering the entire tree.

Under the flowers, leaf clusters emerged to support the blooms. Around the end of June, the flowers began to bear fruit. Initially, the fruits were small, resembling light yellow oval fruits, and now they have grown as large as artillery shells. Particularly, as they grow, the fruits turn more golden, presenting a beautiful appearance.

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In the middle of the tree, 15 young leaf clusters rise, reaching a height of about 2.5 meters, creating a visually appealing scene. The millennium plant sheds its leaves once a year, with the number of leaf clusters increasing yearly. Starting after Tet Nguyen Dan, this millennium plant begins to flower, Mr. Thang explained.


Upon observation by reporters, the tree trunk of the millennium plant is about 0.8 meters tall, with a diameter of 25 centimeters. Clusters of fruit emerge from the top of the tree, estimated at around 400 fruits, resembling a tray full of abundant fruit. Amidst the tree, 15 young leaf clusters rise, reaching a height of about 2.5 meters.

Mrs. Thien added that the fruits of the millennium plant are edible and can be steamed, boiled, or roasted. The flesh of the millennium fruit is milky white and has a nutty flavor, similar to jackfruit or chestnut. “Some say it can be soaked in alcohol and consumed, but my family hasn’t tried it. However, I think it’s possible since it’s a plant with fruits, so it should be suitable for soaking in alcohol,” Mrs. Thien shared.

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