Up Close & Personal: Safari Adventure as Majestic Elephant, Ezulwini, Interacts with Visitors

It was a thrilling experience for the safari-goers in South Africa as a magnificent bull elephant, Ezulwini, approached their vehicle in awe-inspiring curiosity and friendliness.

This remarkable encounter unfolded at the Balule Private Nature Reserve, where Ezulwini, aged between 45 and 50, is a beloved inhabitant of the Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Ezulwini, according to the driver, Brass Brassett, has a fondness for automobiles and regularly engages with visitors on safari.


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Ezulwini, the elephant, pictured, investigated a car driving through theย Sausage Tree Safari Camp on the Balule Private Nature Reserve in Mopani, South Africa.

During this unforgettable moment on November 15, in Mopani, South Africa, the majestic creature grazed the car with his enormous tusks.

Ezulwini belongs to a rare and unique group of elephants known as “big tuskers,” named for their incredible tusks that extend to the ground. A BBC report from 2016 indicated that there were only 30 big tuskers remaining in the wild.


The wildlife park proudly declares that Ezulwini, whose name translates to “from heaven” in Zulu, truly lives up to his name.

Ezulwini, pictured, is known for getting close to cars carrying tourists around the safari park.

He’s a gentle giant who seemingly takes delight in human interaction. Like other bull elephants, Ezulwini enjoys exploring vast territories alone, in the company of younger bulls or following breeding herds.

These exploratory treks span hundreds or thousands of kilometers, sometimes lasting years.


More and more wildlife reserves in South Africa have started dismantling fences, allowing elephants like Ezulwini to roam freely.

Despite this positive change, Ezulwini’s inclination towards human interaction exposes him to a greater threat of falling prey to poachers looking to seize his massive tusks.

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