Urgent Rescue: Deer with Container Stuck on Head Saved by Quick-Thinking Heroes

In November 2018, the community of Rocky Point in Long Island, New York, encountered a strange sight in their neighborhood. A peculiar creature was spotted wandering around, sparking concern among the residents.

It turned out to be a distressed deer in need of immediate help. The cause of its distress was a large plastic container with an orange hue tightly lodged on its head.

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The Strong Island Animal Rescue League shared a photo of the deer on social media, hoping that someone in the neighborhood would provide shelter, allowing them to assist the desperate animal.

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The deer were starving, and the plastic container posed a significant threat that could prove fatal if not addressed promptly.

Their online plea yielded positive results. After evading rescue attempts for five days, the female deer finally found refuge in a yard, collapsing onto a pile of leaves.

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A vigilant homeowner noticed the animal’s plight and wasted no time alerting the rescue team.

With steady hands and a catch pole, the rescue team cautiously approached the exhausted deer. Despite her weariness, the deer attempted to flee. In a swift and daring move, Frankie Floridia, the president of the rescue team, stepped in.

He gently embraced the disoriented doe, preventing her escape, and skillfully removed the container from her head. The deer darted away from the yard as soon as the container was off, finally free from the life-threatening predicament.

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Frankie Floridia recounted the urgency of the situation. Recognizing that time was running out, he emphasized that the decision to act swiftly was crucial, ultimately saving the deer’s life.

The rescue brought the deer out of immediate danger and ensured her chance to recover, eat, drink, and eventually thrive in her natural habitat.

Despite facing minor injuries during the rescue, including a split lip and scraped knee, Floridia said the effort was worthwhile.

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The five-day ordeal had been tense, but the deer’s survival was paramount. Florida acknowledged that the cold weather played a role in keeping the deer alive, as the situation could have been much worse during hot and humid conditions.

While this fortunate deer was given a second chance, many other animals are not as good. Wildlife frequently becomes entangled in discarded waste materials, facing dire consequences.

Animals searching for food often get their heads stuck in cans or jars, leading to potentially fatal outcomes.


However, there is a simple and effective solution to prevent such incidents. Floridia emphasized responsible waste disposal practices.

Covering containers with lids, rinsing jars to eliminate food odors, and compressing containers can safeguard animals from getting trapped. By adopting these practices, we can play a role in protecting the lives of vulnerable wildlife.

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