Video 1928 Ford Hot Rod by Ricky Bobby’s Rod Shop

Imagine packing only the most essential items into your backpack, grabbing a camera, and setting out on the road to wherever it may lead you!

Imagine traveling to every corner of the country, discovering the coolest machines ever designed and created.

What a life, right? This is the life Scottie lives and shares with us. As the owner and host of one of YouTube’s top automotive channels, ScottieDTV, he never tires of traveling and showcasing the best street machines he comes across.


Today, we present you with another magnificent video from his YouTube channel. Featured in this video is a 1928 Ford Hot Rod, customized to perfection by Ricky Bobby’s Rod Shop, a renowned custom shop specializing in hot rods for over a decade.

This beautiful ’28 Ford Hot Rod exudes elegance and is the epitome of what fans and lovers crave. Who wouldn’t want to have such a charismatic piece in their garage? If you have a car, this is the one you should aspire to have!

Take a look at today’s video that focuses on the intricate details of this 1928 Ford Hot Rod. Enjoy the visuals and share your thoughts with us!


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