Video 800 HP Blown Hulk Camino Rat Rod (1959 El Camino) by ITW Hot Rods

Do enjoy festivals? We all do! Each holiday and festival holds a unique spirit. Consider Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Imagine the joy and warmth we experience during family reunions. And let’s not forget about Halloween!

It’s a wonderful celebration of our shared culture, complete with costumes, treats, and unforgettable moments together. In today’s video, we’re featuring a car that seems custom-made for Halloween: an impressive 800hp blown Hulk Camino rat rod.


Originally a 1959 El Camino, it has been beautifully transformed by In the Weeds (ITW) Hot Rods. The spooky body, powerful engine, and attention-grabbing look make this ’59 El Camino a sight to behold!

Watch today’s video till the end to see the 1959 El Camino driving like a boss on the road. Enjoy the whole experience!

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