Video Abandoned Puppy Found by Russian Man Grows into “World’s Largest Wolf

A Russian man named Andrey Musienko discovered a small, abandoned puppy in the Siberian forest and decided to care for it. He didn’t know the pup would grow into a massive black wolf, now affectionately known as Akela.


On a cold winter morning, Musienko decided to take a leisurely walk through the forest behind his house.

During his stroll, he heard a faint cry and found a tiny puppy, just a few weeks old, shivering against a tree. Heartbroken, he took the helpless animal home and nursed it back to health.


As the months passed, the puppy, which Musienko named Akela, grew at a remarkable rate. Soon, it became clear that Akela wasn’t an ordinary dog but rather a black wolf.

Despite this unexpected revelation, Musienko and Akela developed a strong bond and became inseparable friends.

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To share their journey, Musienko started an Instagram profile for Akela, which quickly amassed over 100,000 followers.


Akela, despite his intimidating size, is gentle and affectionate towards Musienko. The playful wolf enjoys interacting with his human friend, whether by hopping on his back, chewing on his hoodie, or placing his paws on Musienko’s shoulders.

Their unique bond is built on trust, as evidenced by Akela’s playful nibbles on Musienko’s fingers. Recognizing Akela’s need for more space, Musienko plans to build a larger enclosure that mimics natural conditions for his wolf companion.

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He has started a fundraiser to help support the project, stating on the page, “Many of you are asking for a big aviary to be made for Akela like in a zoo, and that’s why we made a charity fundraiser for a project close to natural conditions.”

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Musienko’s followers are hopeful that the fundraiser will be a success, allowing Akela to thrive in his new environment.

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More about this incredible story is in the video below!

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