VIDEO After being rescued from the streets, a stray puppy cannot stop smiling

Dogs can’t hide their emotions when you adopt them.❤❤

This dog must be so happy after being adopted.

The dog was found walking on the streets ƅy herself for a few days before Beaumont Animal Care came to help her.


Watch the video at the end.

The dog was named Layla. Rachel Barron approached Layla’s kennel and started talking to her.

Layla was amused by Barron’s conversational style and happily wagged her tail. Barron was able to capture the footage on video, which went viral.


It was most likely the first time the little dog had received human attention and care. Layla smiled and wagged her pretty little tail in response to Rachel’s cute gestures.

Layla has found her new happy and amusing family.

After the video was posted, they received numerous requests to adopt Layla; ultimately, a local couple was picked to ƅe Layla’s new parents.


When they first brought Layla home, she rapidly adapted to her new surroundings and got along well with the other dogs in her new family.

Kayla must be so happy, let’s hope she will be happy, god ƅless her.

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Watch the video below: