Video Baby elephant loses a tooth & revelation of the herd’s new dynamics

In the heart of South Africa lies HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development), the country’s first dedicated elephant orphanage.

This remarkable sanctuary is a safe haven for baby elephants in need of integration into existing herds.

Adine Roode, the compassionate owner of HERD, has successfully rehabilitated numerous baby elephants, welcoming them into the loving embrace of the Jabulani herd.


A typical day at the sanctuary begins with Lammie and Nungu eagerly awaiting the arrival of Khanyisa, the albino baby elephant, for her nourishing milk bottles in the nursery, lovingly provided by their caregiver, Reply.

B1 Baby Elephant Loses A Tooth Revelation Of The Herds New Dynamics

As the sun rises, Khanyisa joins the other elephants in the vast open land, engaging in the joyous foraging activity.

Kumbura stands beside her, while Lundi keeps a watchful eye nearby. Further, Limpopo focuses on gathering food in the distance while Zindoga joins her fellow female herd members.


In the soft morning light, the silhouettes of Khanyisa and her companions reveal their gentle, fuzzy skin. Last, the caretaker shares his observations with Adine, describing the intriguing development of new dynamics within the herd.


Last reveals that after Kumbura was integrated into the herd, she formed a deep bond with her foster mother, Tokwe. The affection extends to Tokwe’s daughter, Pisa, and Limpopo, resulting in a close-knit family unit.

Kumbura’s connection expands even further as she develops a fondness for Lundi and builds a friendship with Mambo, Lundi’s son.


This heartwarming bond leads the four of them to graze and roam together. The reason behind their unity is rooted in their shared experiences as orphans.

Baby Elephant

The HERD sanctuary provides a nurturing environment for these young elephants and witnesses the formation of unique relationships among its members.

The integration of Kumbura into the herd has brought about a profound transformation, uniting the elephants in unexpected ways and showcasing the resilience and capacity for connection within these magnificent creatures.


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