Video Brave Mother Deer Defends Her Fawns from Coyote Attack

The instinct to protect one’s offspring is strong in the animal kingdom, as demonstrated by a recent encounter between a mother deer and a pair of coyotes.

This doe, a loving and experienced mother, had to defend her twin fawns from the potential predators during an otherwise tranquil June morning.

Unfortunately, when a doe has two fawns, it’s not uncommon for one to fall victim to coyotes. However, in this case, the mother deer was determined to keep both of her fawns safe.


Upon spotting the coyote, she chased it down, nearly catching and trampling the predator. The coyote was forced to flee as the doe successfully defended her young.

The chase continued as the mother deer persistently pursued the coyote, ensuring its departure from the area.

Ultimately, the two fawns survived the attack and were reunited with their mother in a heartwarming scene.


In a fascinating twist, a fox appeared just after the coyote encounter. The vigilant doe, still on high alert, huffed a warning to her fawns when she noticed the fox. Recognizing the potential danger, the fox wisely chose to retreat to the other side of the forest.

Thanks to the courageous and fiercely protective actions of the mother deer, her fawns remained unharmed.

The dramatic footage and excellent narration have viewers rooting for the deer family and celebrating their triumph over adversity.


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