The video of the Peterbilt Rat Rod Big Rig looks cool, but its engine sounds like it coughs.

How was your day? Whether it was uneventful at home or filled with busy chores, we have something to make it better!

We don’t know if all of you are fans of big rigs, but there’s no doubt that you’ll become one after watching today’s video till the end. In this video, you’ll see a Peterbilt Rat Rod Big Rig Semi running on a massive 4,000-horsepower engine with a distinct cough-like sound.

The Peterbilt Rat Rod Big Rig boasts massive filters and a striking matte black paint job that exudes a captivating charisma. While visually impressive, its performance may lack a bit in terms of sound.


The video shows us this excellent machine in very close detail, from the smallest parts to the beast-like engine. It is such a chance to see it even through our screens. I can’t imagine the pleasure of seeing it in person!

If you’re ready to brighten your day with this amazing machine, don’t waste any time! Press play and let the fun begin without any regrets!

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