Video Rare Albino Elephant Calf Enjoys Mud Bath and Swim with Herd at South Africa’s Orphanage

HERD, South Africa’s first elephant orphanage, is dedicated to caring for orphaned elephants and integrating them into the Jabulani herd.

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Recently, caretaker Owen took the herd members, including the baby albino elephant Khanyisa and her friend Timisa, for a mud bath. The allomothers, Kumbura, Klaserie, and Limpopo, were present to protect the young ones during their playtime.

After the mud bath, the herd members washed off the mud in a nearby dam. Khanyisa and Timisa swam together, while other members such as Pisa and Somopane stood nearby.

Sebakwe and Mambo sparred on the banks, and Limpopo couldn’t contain her excitement as she swam in the dam.

As the elephants started to come out of the water, Limpopo pushed Zindoga playfully. Later in the day, the elephants enjoyed another swim at another dam, cooling off from the hot South African sun.

The caretakers and HERD’s owner, Adine Roode, have dedicated their lives to caring for these orphaned elephants and ensuring their well-being.

The playful moments shared by Khanyisa and the herd members are heartwarming to witness and bring joy to animal lovers everywhere.

Watch the video below: