Video The Elephant Runs Like A Child To See Her Adoptive Mother After She Calls Out For Him

In the video below, a wOᴍᴀɴ named Lek shouts for elephant Jenny from a distance. She rushes over like a child who hasn’t seen her mother in a while, running with pure joy.

Jenny runs to gather the other nannies as well after recalling her adopted little sister, ThongAe. Everyone rushes to Lek.

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They are incredibly kind and affectionate. Lek feels overwhelmed every time she visits Elephant Nature Park.

The elephant is the biggest land animal. They can run up to 25 miles per hour despite their size! Technically, they walk at 25 mph speed because one of their feet is always on the ground. Like cats, elephants also purr.

Elephants take up sounds of rumbles with their feet and can hear conversations over long distances by the vibrations that come up through their feet and into their ears, in addition to trumpet sounds, snorts, roars, cries, and purring.

Elephants have strong familial ties. The matriarch, or female head of the family, is in charge of the herd. The entire herd raises the calves.

The females remain with the family herd until the males are about 12 years old, at which point the males depart the herd to live alone.

Elephants frequently become great-grandmothers because females frequently live with their mothers their entire lives.

Elephants are compassionate and highly sensitive creatures, just like us. When a baby elephant cries, the herd will stroke and comfort it with its trunks. They are extremely intelligent creatures with sophisticated feelings, emotions, compassion, and self-awareness.