Wait, how many trunks does this Elephant have?

Forget everything you thought you knew about elephants.

Yes, you are always told they have one trunk, and yes, every elephant you have ever seen is convincing proof of this.

It appears to show an elephant with two trunks, one raised in the air and the other hanging from the ground.

But don’t try too hard, elephant fans – the photo is of course an optical illusion.

In fact (you know, in case you haven’t guessed), one animal was right behind the other when Johan Barnard took the right-timed photo in Botswana.

Due to the angle he took the picture from, it looked like that elephant had two trunks. Johan only had a short window to snap the photo before one of them moved.

Johan, from South Africa, was visiting the Nxai Pans safari hotspot when he captured the moment.

He said: ‘I was just sitting looking at it and I saw the picture was there – I had a second to reach for my camera.

‘It’s hard to know how good the picture quality was, so I didn’t realize what was happening until I saw the picture later on my computer.

‘Nothing really happened’.

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