Watch as an elephant scares away a lioness hiding behind a well in an incredible viral video!

In a viral video shared on social media, an elephant scared away a lioness that was hiding behind a well.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel of Latest Sightings, with a description of the incident in the comments section. The elephant was seen spraying water from its trunk to frighten the lioness.

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The video shows a lioness lying on the ground beside a well. Suddenly, she notices an elephant arriving at the well to drink some water.

Realizing it is too late to escape, the lioness decides to hide and wait for the elephant to leave after quenching its thirst. However, at one point, the elephant notices the lioness and gets startled, spraying water on her.

Elephant scares away lioness hiding behind a well in viral video. (Image courtesy: YouTube)

The video caption on YouTube reads, “An elephant comes to drink water near a resting lioness. When the lioness sees the elephant, it’s too late to run, so she hides behind the well. All seems to go well until the elephant notices her, gets a fright, and sprays her with water.”

One user commented on the video, stating, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example of just how expressive an elephant can be with its trunk.” The user added, “He looked satisfied with himself at the end, the fact that he managed to scare off a lion.

Lions can roar loudly, but even that’s nothing compared to the sound an elephant makes. They’re not only big, but also intelligent. That makes them so powerful.”

Watch the video below