Watch Hilarious Raccoons Attempting to Outsmart a Door

Raccoons, often called crafty thieves due to their distinctive black “mask,” are known for their penchant for stealing food whenever the opportunity arises.

In this amusing video, two raccoons are caught trying to break free from an enclosure and open a door. Despite their synchronized jumps, the latch remains just out of their reach.

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The adorable scene elicited various reactions from viewers, with some finding their antics endearing. “They are not smart, but they are cute,” commented one person, while another suggested, “If they realized they could collaborate…”


While the raccoons’ attempts to open the door may seem playful, they resemble a behavior known as “bear pitching,” as explained by Valery Berestennikov, who operates a raccoon petting zoo. Valery’s raccoons are tame and enjoy interacting with people.

She clarifies that jumping near walls, known as “Bear’s pitching,” is a typical activity for raccoons, believed to help them alleviate stress and excess energy.

Valery even shared a video of her raccoons engaging in this activity; the similarities to the raccoons attempting to open the door are pretty apparent.


These clever and mischievous raccoons continue to entertain with their antics, bringing smiles to people’s faces with their determination and adorable charm.

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