Watch the Heartwarming Encounter of Elephants Crossing Paths with Lions in South African Reserve!

A recent video taken at the Herd elephant orphanage in South Africa shows a herd of elephants walking past a dam that had recently been replenished by the rains.

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The elephants’ silhouettes were cast on the water in the sunlight as they made their way home. The caregiver behind the camera names each elephant as they come into view, with Pisa leading the pack and Sebakwe bringing up the rear.


Sebakwe is also the largest elephant in the herd, while Khanyisa is the smallest and still being bottle-fed.

During the walk to their homestead, the elephants passed by a group of zebras and a pride of lions lying near a tree. Despite coming within 100 meters of the lions, the encounter remained peaceful.


Once they arrived at the homestead, Reply was waiting with three bottles of milk for Khanyisa, who joyfully galloped over to him and eagerly drank the milk.

After finishing her milk, Khanyisa played with the feet of the caregiver behind the camera before joining the other elephants in the grassy area. The elephants were seen enjoying a snack while waiting for Khanyisa to join them.


The video showcases the dedication of the caregivers at the orphanage in providing care for these majestic creatures. We encourage you to share this heartwarming video to show your appreciation for the important work they do.

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