Watch the Hilarious Moment an Elephant Breaks a Sprinkler and Can’t Stop Celebrating!

When we think of elephants, we often imagine them as large and majestic creatures. However, there’s a whimsical and playful side to these gentle giants that we don’t often get to witness.

In delightful photos that capture the perfect essence of summer, an elephant named Faa Sai steals the show with her mischievous antics.

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Faa Sai resides at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. On a scorching hot day, she decides to have fun by breaking a sprinkler, causing water to shoot up like a never-ending geyser.

It becomes evident that this was no accident—Faa Sai intended for this delightful chaos to unfold. The refreshing water spray brings her pure joy and keeps her happily occupied for quite some time.

Watching Faa Sai’s exuberance is akin to observing a child at play. Despite her massive size, she revels in the water’s embrace just like we did when we were young—without a care in the world.


She rolls around, lets the water drench her, and even allows it to pour over her head. Faa Sai knew exactly what she was doing when she broke the sprinkler, although the park staff might need to find a way to make the sprinklers “Faa Sai-proof,” considering the potential repair costs.

This is a delightful reminder of the upcoming summer season and all its fun-filled moments. It evokes memories of returning home after a water-filled adventure, drenched to the bone and wrapped in beach towels, grinning from ear to ear. Those days will soon be upon us again.

However, let’s hope we don’t have to share our sprinkler parks with elephants, which might make it less enjoyable. Have you ever witnessed an elephant display such playful behavior?


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Watch the video below:

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