Watch This 600-Pound Grizzly Bear’s Epic Belly Flop into a Swimming Pool!

In a delightful display, a grizzly bear took a refreshing plunge into a swimming pool in Florida to escape the scorching summer heat.

The four-year-old bear Bruiser is seen in a video carefully climbing the pool ladder before launching himself into the water with an impressive belly flop.

After splashing into the pool, Bruiser shakes his wet fur and enjoys playtime with his surfboard, a suitable substitute for a blow-up swim toy, given his massive claws.


Watch the video at the end.

Image 339
Playtime: Bruiser, the grizzly bear, climbs the pool ladder in preparation for jumping in for his daily playtime. Source: Daily Mail

Bruiser resides at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida, where temperatures have soared to 90F this month.

The nonprofit Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary is committed to educating and conserving endangered species.

Image 340
Tight squeeze: With all four legs sitting on the top rung, 600-pound Bruiser prepares to jump into the pool. Source: Daily Mail

It is home to several threatened animals, including white tigers, Florida panthers, and Bruiser the Grizzly. The sanctuary highlights the dangers of illegal poaching and habitat destruction to these species.

Image 341
Taking the leap: Bruiser then jumps into the water at Single Vision wildlife sanctuary in Melrose, Florida. Source: Daily Mail
Image 342
Oops: Suddenly, however, Bruiser’s body goes horizontal, and he prepares for a big belly flop into the water. Source: Daily Mail
Image 343
Making waves: Bruiser’s body hits the water, and he causes a huge splash before coming up from underwater, shaking his fur, and recomposing himself. Source: Daily Mail

According to the Tampa Bay Times, this heartwarming video of Bruiser’s aquatic adventure comes as Florida announced the return of black bear hunting for the first time since 1994.

In October, the state will implement a one-week daytime black bear hunting season in four regions to control the bear population.

Image 344
Toys: Bruiser has a surfboard to play with in the pool, as blowup toys would be impractical for an animal with such large claws. Source: Daily Mail
Image 345
Saying hi: Bruiser takes a break from swimming to greet the camera as he’s being filmed by an employee at Single Vision. Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:

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