Watch This Adorable Baby Elephant Make a Splash as it Takes a Playful Tumble into the River!

A charming baby elephant recently made quite the splash as it playfully tumbled into a river during a lighthearted brawl with a fellow elephant calf.

The two youngsters started with a playful scuffle, but one decided it was time for a refreshing dip when the play got a bit more intense.

The excited baby elephant eagerly leaped into the stream but quickly veered off course and vanished beneath the water’s surface with an exuberant splash.


Watch the video at the end.

Lovely Elephant Caused A Big Splash When He Took A Tumble In The River

Elize Malan, a 59-year-old Tourism Manager at a travel agency, captured this delightful moment on video while visiting Kruger National Park with her husband.

Elize recounted the heartwarming event: “The two baby elephants were drinking water when they began to play fighting.


One seemed to feel hot and decided to bathe to cool down. It ran and plunged into the water, and the other one followed suit, continuing their playful antics.”

Elize, who had never witnessed anything like this before, found the incident amusing and shared it on her Facebook page, where it quickly became a hit among her friends and followers.

Watch the video below:


Via: Caters News