Watch This Irresistible Baby Elephant Learn to Walk with Hilarious Tumbles

A heartwarming video of a newborn elephant calf, Elle, learning to walk at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in South Africa has recently emerged.

The determined little elephant struggles to maintain balance during its first shaky steps before inevitably tumbling over.

Despite numerous unsuccessful attempts, Elle finally manages to stand after half an hour with the help of other elephants in the group.


The endearing scene was captured by safari guide Brendan Cole, who was present shortly after the calf’s birth.

Image 170
Whoops! Elle the elephant was filmed trying and failing to take his first steps in South Africa. Source: Daily Mail

Cole described the unique experience, recalling the mother elephant’s efforts to mask the scent of the birth by throwing dust on herself and her newborn.

“There was this one time where he fell over and gave off this screeching sound almost in frustration, which was quite comical,” he said.


One particularly amusing moment she featured Elle performing a forward somersault, prompting the safari guests’ laughter.

For Cole, witnessing the baby elephant’s first steps was a career highlight he’ll treasure forever.

Image 171
Getting there: He is seen staggering slowly after falling over near several other adult elephants. Source: Daily Mail
Image 172
Success! Elle manages to totter away from the parade and walk bravely alone. Source: Daily Mail
Image 173
Safari worker Brendan Cole said witnessing the moment is something he will cherish. Source: Daily Mail

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