When the Wild Calls: Elephant Uses Safari Vehicle as Scratch Post, Leaving Tourists in Stitches!

In an unforeseen and amusing encounter, safari enthusiasts received more than they bargained for when a wild elephant used their vehicle as a personal scratching post.

This remarkable incident occurred in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. An enthralling video, captured by Chantal Pavitra Naidoo, spouse of seasoned game ranger Kavi Naidoo, demonstrates the elephant ambling towards the open-top vehicle of the safari tourists.

As the group breathed in anticipation, the elephant gingerly turned around, commencing an unexpected rubbing session with her large rear against the vehicle. This surprising act led to restrained laughter among the onlooking tourists.


Amidst the muffled laughter, game ranger Kavi cautioned the group to maintain a respectful distance and not provoke the majestic creature.

Video filmed by Chantal Pavitra Naidoo, wife of game ranger Kavi Naidoo, shows the beautiful creature stroll towards the open-top jeep. As the tourists, enjoying a safari in Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa, fall silent, the elephant gently turns around.

Following the scratching episode, the elephant leisurely retreated towards the riverbed where the remainder of her herd was grazing.

Having spent 17 enriching years as a game ranger, Kavi expressed his astonishment at the incident.


Although elephants are known to approach out of curiosity, according to him, this display of personal grooming against the vehicle was a rare sight to behold.

Hilarious Moment Of An Elephant Scratches Its Butt On A Safari Jeep
She is then seen unapologetically rubbing her substantial behind against the vehicle while Kavi Naidoo (left and right) tells the bewildered tourists to keep quiet.

Kavi reminisced about the humorous incident during a late afternoon game drive, highlighting the calm demeanor of the breeding herd of elephants they encountered.

He acknowledged that while some tourists felt uneasy about the close encounter, the scratching act unexpectedly transformed the situation into a moment of amusement.


However, amidst the humor, Kavi reminded his guests of the need for silence and stillness to avoid startling the animal, particularly considering the presence of young calves in the herd.

The group chortle quietly as the elephant scratches an itch while game ranger Kavi warns them not to anger the magnificent animal. Looking the tourists up and down, the elephant jogs off back towards the riverbed, where the rest of her herd is feeding.

Despite the initial apprehension, the experience became an unforgettable and delightfully unusual safari adventure, offering the tourists a story to share back home.

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