Elephant Rescued After Being Trapped in Fishing Net for 8 Hours in Mysuru District

A team of forest officials in the Mysuru district recently spent eight hours rescuing a wild elephant that had become trapped in a fishing net.


The elephant’s legs had become entangled in the net, which had been cast by fishermen in the Nugu backwaters in HD Kote taluk.

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Upon receiving information from local villagers at 6 am, the forest officials rushed to the backwaters to save the elephant.

Mysuru: Elephant Caught In Fishing Net, Rescued After 8-Hour Operation
The elephant was caught in fishing nets underwater. (Source: India Today)

The rescue operation proved challenging, as the only way to free the gentle giant was to use multiple hooks to drag the entangled nets away from the elephant’s feet.

Additionally, the officials had to wait until the elephant stopped splashing water whenever their boats got close to it.

Elephant Rescue 1
(Source: India Today)

Finally, after around eight hours, fire department personnel were able to drop metal hooks with ropes attached to them, which allowed the officials to tug at the entangled nets and free the elephant. The elephant, safe and free from the fishing nets, was able to swim ashore safely.

After the rescue, officials began investigating how the fishing nets ended up in restricted areas of the backwaters.

It is important to ensure that animals are safe and protected in their habitats, particularly as they use these areas to quench their thirst and carry out other essential activities.

Elephant Rescue 3
After being freed, the elephant swam ashore. (Source: India Today)

This successful rescue operation is a testament to the dedication and hard work of forest officials who work tirelessly to protect and conserve wildlife.

It is also a reminder of the importance of taking steps to protect the natural environment and the animals that depend on it.

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